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It does not take much for customers to decide to seek service elsewhere. One unanswered question, the lack of a follow-up call, or a frustrating phone experience can send someone walking to a competitor. Customer support is a vital component of creating revenue growth. While many knew that it was crucial to B2C businesses, others are starting to understand that this also holds true for B2B companies as well. So, how can a lousy customer experience impact a B2B buyer? Take a look at these stats:

  • 51 percent of B2B customers avoid vendors for at least two years after a bad customer experience.
  • 62 percent of customers have to contact a company to resolve an issue repeatedly.
  • 32 percent of US customers switch companies because they are fed up with speaking to multiple agents.
  • The global average value of a lost customer is $243.


B2B companies have a lot to lose if they do not ensure they have a solid customer support strategy. One of the best ways to fix this is to invest in the right customer support tools so representatives can provide the best customer experience possible. Read on for six tools to help customer support professionals create an exemplary customer experience for B2B buyers.

Knowledgebase Library and Automated ResponseZendesk

Zendesk is a full-service help desk software that comes with a lot of bells and whistles for B2B companies looking to service their customers. It comes with the usual customer support features such as call logging, call recording, customer complaint tracking, live chat, and functional area management capabilities. However, what reviewers are praising Zendesk for are its knowledgebase and automated response features. It was easy for reviewers to integrate self-service support modules into their business processes. Others liked Zendesk for the ease of automating responses to customers, so no one ever falls through the cracks.


Ticket Tracking and Collaboration – Zoho Desk

It has happened more times than most customers can remember. Their original complaint or help desk ticket was unintentionally misplaced or rerouted by a representative, and the customer never received a resolution. Zoho Desk’s system was designed to prevent this from happening, and reviewers are satisfied with Zoho’s success in this realm. Many reviewers discussed Zoho’s robust ticket tracking feature. It is easy to integrate multiple tickets from the same person, search for an issue using a customer’s name, and reroute tickets to those who can handle them best. Zoho even includes a feature for workers to collaborate and address a help desk ticket at the same time.


Project Management Customization and Task Organization –

What happens when there is an overflow of help desk requests, a new support guide needs to be written, and a large scale B2B client wants to meet to discuss a deal? These are all projects that have to be addressed, and because of the fast-paced nature of customer support, it can be easy for reps to feel overwhelmed and forget to accomplish tasks altogether. This scenario is where comes in. is a dynamic spreadsheet that allows project managers to organize multiple types of data.

Reviewers use as a project management tool to delegate tasks, track project progress, mark locations, and spur collaboration. It is easy for everyone to know who is in charge of tasks or projects. One reviewer even commented on the ease of managing projects on his phone. If managing customer support projects is an issue, can be the answer to ensuring nothing ends up undone.

Cross-Channel Ticket Creation and Monitor – FreshDesk

You never know when your team will receive a complaint on social media, through email, or on the phone. B2B customers may not know to go directly to the site to create a helpdesk ticket or send an email to a particular address for help. In that regard, you need a system that allows customer support reps to address B2B client issues regardless of the medium. FreshDesk is a help desk solution that allows customer service reps to keep all conversations in one place.

Reviewers liked that they could create tickets while talking on the phone with a customer, through email messages —which are organized to keep discussions in one place—, and through monitoring social media conversations. While this does address some of the issues many other help desk solutions also handle, it diminishes the amount of work customer support reps have to do in keeping up with client complaints. It frees them up to work with other customers and manage projects which increases productivity and decreases stress.


Manage Complex Remote Technical Issues – ConnectWise

This one is a bit more specific to B2B companies that offer technology products or services. There are times where software does not always deploy the way it was meant to. Whether it be an employee or a client, B2B companies need a way to take care of complicated technical issues without having to make expensive site visits or spend multiple hours on the phone.

ConnectWise is an excellent solution for B2B tech support. Reps can access any computer regardless of its operating system or location to fix any technical issues. Reviewers in tech support discussed the fact that they could receive a snapshot of any computer, and all messaging is sent to a dashboard to allow them to see the problem easily. This software is excellent for remote teams, and reviewers enjoy the fact that they can be anywhere in the country and still address a technical issue.

Robust Manned and Bot-based Chat – LiveChat

Online chats are some of the best ways to communicate with B2B clients. Instead of having to go through the whole process of emailing someone —and hoping they see it—a website chat feature makes it easy for them to just head to the website and begin speaking with someone. LiveChat is a comprehensive online chat solution for companies to take care of customer issues. Reviewers are impressed with the ability to use live reps and bots, functionality with Mac and PC, and that the chat transforms into a form during the weekends. It also helps customer support reps personalize their greetings to customers they are interacting with.

Final Thoughts

B2B customers want to know that they matter. They want to feel as if the company values their business and will go above and beyond to get what they need. One of the best ways to make the jobs of customer service reps easier and efficient is to provide technology solutions that help them become even more productive in their roles. The blend of robust technology with a comprehensive customer experience strategy will make it even more likely to develop B2B buyers into long-term customers.


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